17 Different Style Tweets To Promote Your Online Store Using Twitter

17 Ways to Use Twitter Updates for BusinessThe folks over at Get Elastic have written a great blog post on 17 Styles of Twitter Updates, each with a goal of engaging the customers and potential customers of your online store. 

The styles range from the traditional product announcements and customer service to more unusual uses such as name-dropping, social responsibility and contests. You’ll be surprised at how you might use the technique called “news of the weird”.

With detailed examples and screen shots of each of the 17 styles of twitter updates, you’re sure to find 2-3 to try out in your own twitter account.

You can find the article here:



About the Author

Dianne Dawson is a Marketing and Business Development Coach and eCommerce Consultant working with Zen Cart. She is also a web designer with a focus on SEO.

Her clients are online store owners who believe their store has reached a plateau - it's stuck! They work together to create fresh ideas and savvy strategies to bring in new customers, dramatically increase profits, and create more time to enjoy life.

You can follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ZenCartRetailer

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