How Do I Reset the Order ID Number?

There are several occasions where you may want to change the order number that is attached to each order in Zen Cart.  One example is when you have a brand new store, you may not want your first customers to get an Order Confirmation Email that shows their order as #1 or even #26 in your store.

Another example is when you have made a major change to the store and you want to know “at a glance” if a customer ordered before or after the change.

These are just two examples of when you may want to exercise control over the Order ID Number. 

Before I give the instructions, there is one thing to know and keep in mind.  You cannot change a number downward – it can only be changed upwards.  So, if you are on #376, you can not reset your order number to start at #200.  You can, however, set it to start at #400.

The second thing to know is that you cannot “undo” the change.  So, be sure of what you want before you make the change.

Making the change is simple.  Login to your Admin Panel and go to:

Tools > Store Manager

About mid-way the page, you will see this section:

How to reset the order ID number in zen cart.

You can reset the Order ID Number in Zen Cart by entering the old and the new number as shown above. The number you enter in the NEW section should be 1 less than the actual number you want to use.


As you can see in the screen shot above, it is suggested that you create a test order and use that number as the “old” Order ID Number.  Your “new” Order ID Number should be 1 less than the Order ID Number you wish to have as your new starting number.

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Her clients are online store owners who believe their store has reached a plateau - it's stuck! They work together to create fresh ideas and savvy strategies to bring in new customers, dramatically increase profits, and create more time to enjoy life.

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